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Conservation Basics

Conservation means to take careful use of a natural resource to prevent the resource from disappearing in the future. Water, nutrients, and soil are all resources we work to protect in Dane County to improve the water quality, build soil health, and ensure that our agriculture lands will remain productive for generations to come. Dane Demo Farms is working to demonstrate and research the effectiveness and adaptability of various practices that conserve our natural resources.

Learn more about nutrient loss, soil loss, and soil health below. In addition, visit Dane County Land & Water Resources Department's Agriculture webpage for more information on agricultural conservation including funding opportunities.

stream with natural vegetation on either side in between farm fields
Nutrient Loss

Nitrogen and phosphorus are essential nutrients for plant growth, but when they end up in our surface water and groundwater, they become pollutants.

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two wind turbines in a crop field
Soil Loss

Soil is one of four natural resources we can not live without. Keeping soil on the landscape is critical to the future of agriculture in Dane County.

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two wind turbines in a crop field
Soil Health

Healthy soils lead to healthy waters. When soils are healthy they are less prone to erosion, they reduce compaction, hold more water, and more.

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