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Meet the Farmers

The farmers involved in Dane Demo Farms demonstrate leading edge conservation practices and participate in on-farm research. The participating farms have been experimenting with different conservation practices on their farms for several years or more, experiencing both successes and challenges along the way. As each farm has a unique set of interests, needs, and goals; therefore, featured farms represent a wide array of Dane County agriculture on a variety of landscapes, providing a large opportunity for research and farmer-to-farmer learning.

Beef cows grazing on crops
Bruce and Karl Sime

Bruce and Karl Sime farm near Stoughton where they raise beef cattle, corn, and soybeans. They have experimented with various ways to use cover crops, including grazing in both the spring and fall.

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Non-over wintering cover crop
Tom Ripp

Tom Ripp farms just outside of Black Earth where he grows corn, soybeans, and wheat. Tom is a long time no-till farmer and has successfully incorporated cover crops in an effort to improve soil health.

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Compost piles under open shed
Endres Berryridge Farms

The Endres family farms west of Waunakee where they raise registered Holsteins. They manage the farms manure in a variety of ways in an effort to eliminate winter manure spreading.

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Soybeans growing in no-tilled field
Tyler Duerst

Tyler Duerst farms near Verona where he grows corn, soybeans, and wheat. Tyler practices no-till and incorporates cover crops after winter wheat harvest.

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field with cover crops growing, including sunflowers
Soil Health

It's all about the function of the soil. Healthy soils have many benefits that not only help protect the environment but also improve crop production.

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Farmers at Field Day
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